Booking Terms

Terms and Conditions


Conditions of stay or visit (“Conditions”) these conditions apply to guest who are consumers in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (“CPA”). Any provisions of these conditions which may:
Limit the risk and liability of INN & OUT (“the establishment”) or a third party;
Create the risk of liability for the guest;
Compel the guest to indemnify the establishment or a third party; or
Serve as acknowledgement of fact by the guest, and indicated in bold text and your attention is drawn specifically to such provisions.


These provisions are important and you should read them and ensure that you understand what they mean. If you do not understand anything contained in these provisions, please speak to a manager of the establishment, who will explain them to you and answer any questions that you may have:

Unpaid accounts are subject to interest. Interest and Collection fees and costs may be charged at maximum legally allowable rates on overdue accounts.

Damages to rooms or establishment and any outstanding payments due will be deducted from the guests credit card we have pre-authorized or the guest will be told to pay amount equivalent to damaged caused.

Accommodation is provided on an arrival basis.

Your account must therefore be settled in full on arrival. You are responsible for payment for the full period reserved, even if your stay is cut short for any reason whatsoever. In the event of the account not being settled for any reason whatsoever, you hereby hold yourself personally responsible for all costs of whatsoever nature relating to your accommodation at the hotel.You also agree to pay all legal fees incurred as a result of failure to pay your account when it’s due for payment.


Please take note of the disclaimer and indemnity provisions set out below.


The use of this establishment is entirely at your own risk and you assume full responsibility for any risk or loss to person or property resulting from your stay at the establishment and your use of the Premises and the facilities.

The Establishment and its employees, directors, officers and /or agents disclaim liability for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature, whether direct, indirect or consequential in nature, arising out of or in connection with access to or use of the establishment, Premises or any facilities provided.


You hereby indemnify the hotel and its employees, directors, officers and /or agents against any loss claims or damage of whatsoever nature which may be suffered by yourself and or any third party arising in any way from your stay at the establishment or use of the premises or any of the facilities.


Payment Policy
100% of the booking is taken from your credit card when booking on the INN & OUT website.

The original credit card or a signed letter from the credit card holder with a copy of the credit card as well as ID/Passport and Proof of Residence from the cardholder will be asked for upon arrival at the hotel. The establishment has the right to request deposits in advance to secure your stay or hold damage deposits.


Cancellation Policy For Individuals: (1 to 3 pax)
Should the reservation be cancelled within 10 days prior to arrival, or in the case of a no show, 100% of the deposit paid will be charged.
If cancelled between 11-29 days prior to arrival date, 50% of the total stay will be charged. More than 30days prior to arrival 7% admin fee will be charged.
In the event of a no-show, 100% of the total stay will be charged.
All cancellations need to be requested in writing.
The refund process takes between 30 and 60 days. No cash refunds will be permitted.
*A 7% admin fee will be charged on top of the cancellation fee.


Cancellation Policy For Groups: (4+ pax)
Should the reservation be cancelled less than 29 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total stay will be charged. If cancelled between than 30-60 days prior to arrival, 50% of the total stay will be charged.
In the event of a no-show, 100% of the total stay will be charged.
All cancellations need to be requested in writing.
The refund process takes between 30 and 60 days. No cash refunds will be permitted.
*A 7% admin fee will be charged on top of the cancellation fee.


Check In: 15h00

Screening of guests upon arrival has become necessary in accordance with the COVID19 protocols. Therefore, in order to prevent an infected person from checking in, all guests will be required to:

• complete and sign a questionnaire
• allow their temperature to be scanned with a thermal scanner. If a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range and they do not show any symptoms they will be required to sanitize their hands and proceed to check-in.
If a guest’s temperature is high (actual temperature at screening should not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius) and/or they have symptoms of the virus they will be disallowed to check-in and will be referred to a medical facility.
Room/bed numbers are allocated on the day of arrival, therefore specific room numbers cannot be guaranteed.


Check Out: 10h00 – strictly

Strict cleaning measures are in place at all properties and provide a solid foundation for risk control. Our teams have had refresher courses on correct cleaning procedures, ensuring the very best transmission mitigation. We require our guests to vacate rooms by 10am to allow us time to deep clean and disinfect the rooms and their contents and as far as is possible remain unoccupied for three days before the room is cleaned.


Child Policy:
No children under the age of 16 unless the Family/Private Room is being booked.


Visitors are only allowed in public areas such as the garden until 20h00. This should be applied for so that all social distancing can be adhered to. A maximum of 2 guests are allowed per room.


Lost and Found:
Lost and found items can be claimed at the Reception. A valid ID must be presented.


Non-Smoking Policy:
Strictly NO SMOKING inside the hotel premises. You will be liable for a fine of R500 if you are found smoking in any non-smoking area on the premises.


Loss or Damage of Hotel Property:
Any type of loss or damage to items in the room or any public space will result in a charge that will be at the discretion of the Management. Key Loss costs R 100.


Luggage Storage:
is available only for guests currently staying with the Hotel. The maximum storage period is thirty days or one (1) month. We reserve the right to dispose of any luggage or items not claimed after the maximum storage period allowed. All guests will handle their OWN luggage and/or allow our concierges to sanitize your luggage and assist.


Illicit Activity:
The hotel will report all suspected illegal activity to the appropriate authorities and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone suspected of involvement in such activity. Fire arms and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.


Proper Attire:
Guests must be in appropriate attire (PPE) always within the vicinity especially in the common areas. Going topless or wearing underwear only is strictly prohibited.


The Management reserves the right to take appropriate actions against drunk and unruly guests.


Personal Belongings:
INN & OUT does not assume liability for the loss, theft or damage to your luggage and belongings while on the premises.


All vehicles are parked at your own risk.


Room cleaning:
The staff will makeup each room daily. Linen changes every third day.

Linen and towels are washed on the hottest wash cycle. All the linen is ironed on a hot setting. Towels are tumble-dried until fully dry and hot enough to kill any potential viral matter.


Delivery and acceptance of goods:
All goods are received outside the establishment and delivery personnel are not allowed to enter under any circumstances. Following receipt of goods, the packaging is sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant and left for a minimum of five minutes before packaging is opened. All surfaces that come into contact with delivered goods must be sanitized immediately.

Should any guest not adhere to these protocols, staff, the SAPS and the Department of Health will be notified and swift action will be taken. Transgressions cannot be allowed under any circumstances.